Decorative Cement Paint

We have emerged as one of the leading names engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Cement Paint that is used for building exteriors and interiors. This cement paint is marketed under the brand name “Paramount Shine Decorative Cement Paint”.
We make use of superior quality material and advanced processing facilities that ensures the excellent result in terms of quality and performance. It is a high quality, durable and cost effective cement paint which is widely used for bungalows, high-rise projects, independent housing, factories and godowns.

  • Based on White Portland Cement and finely ground additives that increase water repellency and fungal resistance.
  • Contains pigments that are resistant to heat & light.
  • Easy mixing and enhanced covering capacity.
  • Easily washable. Does not allow water to penetrate through it thus prevents penetration of damp
  • Gives durable & tough waterproof surface.
    • It should be applied directly by spray or brush to various surfaces with covering areas (two coats).
    • It has longer pot life compared to other cement paints.
  • When applied and cured according to instructions, it will not flake or peel off.
  • Paramount Shine Decorative Cement Paint being a water based product does not contain any toxic material and hence is hygienic, nonflammable and without any risk or fire while mixing.
  • Paramount Shine Decorative Cement Paint is eco-friendly with less than 0.5% of volatile organic content.
  • Ability to withstand adverse climatic conditions.
  • Available in blue & green shades are liable to fleet and are usually suggested for interior painting, darker shades are not recommended for larger unrelieved areas due to visible substrate impurities due to efflorescence.


  • Clean the surface thoroughly with hard wire brush such that it is free from any algae growth & loose dust and oily substance. Make sure that surface free from dust .
  • Wash the surface with clean water 3-4 times and allow it to dry partially before application.


Add Paramount Shine Decorative Cement Paint to obtain smooth flowing slurry for easy application and use it within 2-3 hours of application. Add water as per need in mixing .


  • Rub the first coat with soft brush.
  • In order to get best results, sprinkle clean water for next 2 days, at least
    2-3 times a day.
  • Apply the second coat after 24 hrs of first coat.


Mixing Ratio 1:1 (Paramount Decorative Cement Paint :Fresh Water)
Curing 6-8 hours (Depending upon climate conditions)
PH Alkalines
Coverage 15-20 Sq.Ft/kg (Depends on the finish of the wall surface)