Primer Interior

Paramount Shine Interior Wall Primer is an acrylic based interior primer recommended as a base coat for internal painting. It is water thinable & formulated to seal the base surface, so as to accept the topcoat easily & to protect the substrate & give an elegant look to the walls. Paramount Shine Interior Wall Primer is very easy for application as it requires no curing before or after application. As the drying time is very less, it increases the speed of work enabling timely completion. Being acrylic based it is compatible to the acrylic emulsion applied over it. Being water based it saves the extra cost of thinner for dilution. Paramount Shine Interior Wall Primer is compatible to the following substrates – P O P, Gypsum, Gypsum board false ceilings, Asbestos sheets, Concrete, Plaster etc.



Scrap the surface properly before applying the primer. Ensure that the substrate to be painted is free of any dirt, dust, oil, grease, any algal/fungal growth or any other type of contamination. In case of pre-painted surfaces, loose old paint etc. should be thoroughly removed.


Do not over thin or overextend the brush. Stir well & strain before use.



Covering 200 – 225 Sq Ft per Lt per coat
Drying Time Touch Dry 1 Hr | Hard Dry 4 – 6 Hrs
Color Finish White / Smooth
Recommended DFT/ Coat 15 – 20 microns per coat depending on the condition of surface
Specific Gravity kg/lt 1.45 +/- 0.05
Viscosity KU 142
PH Value 8 to 9
Hardness 4H
Shelf Life 24 months when stored in cool & dry place in original sealed container
Top Coat Compatible to all the existing topcoating systems (Viz. Distemper, Plastic, Luster etc.)