Paramount Shine Wall Putty is white cement based water resistant wall putty. It is used on concrete/mortar walls (Internal & External) and ceilings to get smoother & stronger base for further application of all kinds of paints. As manufactured by finest quality of minerals, white cement & polymers, it has more adhesive strength thus it completely & effectively eliminates pinholes & unevenness of plastered surface and makes walls/ceilings durable & cost effective. Being water resistant, it also provides protective base which prevents flaking of expensive paints.

Polymer Wall Putty

Advantages of Paramount Shine Wall Putty

  • Paramount Shine Wall Putty is equally good for application on interior & exterior walls.
  • It comes in dry form, very easy to mix & apply, thus saves time & cost.
  • Being a Cementation material, it has better adhesiveness and durability with the concrete/mortar walls.
  • It is water resistant too, hence can be applied easily on wet surface.
  • It does not require any curing. Also prevents expensive paints from moisture & flaking.
  • It is Odorless , anti-fungal, anti-toxic and does not produce any kind of unpleasant smell at the time of application.
  • No Primer required before application of paints/distemper.
  • It prevents growth of fungus & algae on the wall.


Paramount Shine Wall Putty covers approximately 20-25 Sq Ft per Kg for 2 coats maintaining a maximum thickness of 1.5mm on smooth & fully cured plaster surface. However coverage depends on quality of base surface & thickness applied.


Store Paramount Shine Wall Putty in a dry place. Open the bag only just before use. Storage life of unopened bag is around 6 months.


Available in 20Kg & 40Kg.